18650 Battery Charger


Introduction: 18650 Battery Charger

This is a very simple build and only required 4 parts

1. Battery Holders

2. LM2596 Step down module

3. 12v Wall Adapter

4. 18650 Charging Board

See the 1 minute video i made to explain this system and the build. Subscribe for more :)



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    Could you not put a protection circuit in between the charging circuit to allow balancing otherwise this creates imbalance

    Sry, but i think that circuit is kinda dangerous. The Charging circuit is designed to load only one lipo cell at once and not four in parallel.
    Although i would not recommend to connect potentialy unbalanced lipo cells parallel. it could result in a big current from one cell to the other cell which could damage or destroy one or more of the cells.

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    yes, I back you on this one. best thing to do is put 1 tp4056 on each 18650. and otherwise it will also take allot of time for them to charge. it's like 1A Max on each tp4056 so this will lead to 250ma on each cell. that would take ages!