Introduction: 18650 Battery Holder

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You easely can make a 18650 battery holder from some PET bottles.

What you need:

- 18650 battery /from old laptop/

- 4 PET bottle

- hot glue gun

- scissors+ box cutter

- saw + abrasive paper

- some wire and battery contacts /from kid old game/

- soldering iron

Step 1: The Body

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Cut the neck of the PET bottle. Make it with the abrasive paper or the box cutter. You need 4 neck for a battery. Cut a 4cm*8cm rectangle from the PET body. Make a cylinder from it. Pull on the necks to the cylinder and glue.

Step 2: The Tops

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Make a hole on the battle tops. Put over the wire and soldering the battery contacts. Glue the contacts to the tops – just in case. Put on the battey and it is done. I use it for a headlamp,a flashlight and a bicycle lamp. If you use enough hot glue it is waterproof.


TamyisA (author)2017-06-17

great idea...

TiborB7 (author)TamyisA2017-06-19

Thanks. :-)

Gelfling6 (author)2017-06-13

I know you said if using enough Hot glue, they're water proof, but what about Ventilated? When charging, or under heavy power draw, 18650's DO off-gas and need to vent. Great Idea though! I recently scrapped a few laptop batteries, and have been using two for a LED flashlight, but without the metal strips, cannot connect them to a camera battery charger I've been using to charge others.

TiborB7 made it! (author)Gelfling62017-06-19

Thanks. I charge with an Imax B6, outside this holder. Here is some photo about my LED flashlights. Below a Maglite 3d /my father-in-law killed it with cheap batteries. I had to renew./ , above a Varta headlamp /not so beauty but working fine/.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-06-11

Great idea. Sure beats throwing them loose into a box like I usually. I am going to have to try this.

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