Introduction: 18650 Flashlight Conversion!

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lets build a li-ion 18650 flashlight!

Step 1: Parts!

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Get yourself a AAA-battery flashlight! One of those cheap ones from the dollar store and other places.

You'll also need a li-ion 18650 battery.

Step 2: Conversion!

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Remove the AAA battery holder and insert the 18650 battery! Just cram it in there!

The battery holder is smaller than the 18650 but the springs inside the flashlight will compress enough to accept the 18650.

The three AAA's will be around 4.5V when they're fully charged but drop to around 3.5V shortly. The 18650 starts at 4.2V fully charged and drop to about the same voltage as the AAA's soon enough.

Step 3: Turn It On!

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Wham! You're done! A li-ion 18650 flashlight!


blakehx (author)2016-01-10

Nice idea! I've done this on a few of mine, but had shorten the springs on a couple to make it fit!

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