Step 11: A note on a design failure

When I went to assemble the pediment, I discovered that the design did not comport with the reality of physics.  A physical object does not stay in place when glued to air.

This of course is operator error.  Some of it came from the CAD program I used, or maybe I used it wrong, as the program did not have the capability of show sufficient detail about the intersection of parts of object.

Secondly, I did not check thoroughly enough in the process of compiling the cut-list and overlooked the obviously incorrect manner in which the various parts do the pediment intersected.  I am finding that one has to proceed in a different manner in double-checking curvilinear parts and their intersecting with linear and curvilinear parts as compared to linear parts intersecting with linear parts.

Back to the drawing board!

And stay tuned for another Instructable, with lots of drawing and photos, on redesign problem solving.