This is a 1932 Ford Hotrod I made out of Lego. It features a race flag hanging from the back and a realistic engine. Here are the instructions, enjoy!

Step 1: Rear Axle

Step 2: Rear Bumper

Step 3: Front Bumper

Step 4: The Engine-Assembly Will Come Later

Step 5: Interior

Step 6: Dash Board

Step 7: Roof

Step 8: Assembly

Step 9: Enjoy Your Work and Feel Free to Leave a Comment

Will u do a ford model T
<p>I'm not sure yet</p>
<p>make the model A instead, with a retractable roof</p>
Very nice great job!
(Title Of Text)<br>THIS IS COOL!<br>(Words)<br>This looks so realistic I say it took a long time to build this! It is featured so I say it will get a lot of views!
Nice job! Looks pretty real.

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