Step 7: The Shim

The rim was originally designed to be mounted on a tapered axle. Eight oak shims were cut to fill the gap between the straight automotive exhaust tube and the tapered rim. Friction from these shims being hammered in is all that secures the wheel to the tube. That way if I ever decide to display the wheel in a different manner, I will not have damaged it.
Nice, I want one :)
Also, what is that wing section from (Also a Harvard?) I seem to remember the end overlapping the main wing sheets but I am not sure about that bit. A cool piece to have. Did you paint or stick that star on the wing or was it there already? I can see that the original markings would have been placed there on the American ones even though I haven't seen any other aircraft with the markings placed so far out on the wing. Another thing I just have to ask is about the part of aileron attatched to this wing piece; is it covered in fabric or Aluminium? On our Harvards the control surfaces are fabric-covered while the trim-tabs are still covered with Al sheets. Some aircraft such as numerous C-47s have had their control surfaces which used to be covered in fabric converted to aluminium skin. Not sure If this was ever done to T6s.
Hello, The wing in the photo is actually a horizontal stabilizer from a Sikorsky Sea King helicopter. It is aluminum covered and the insignia is original. I bought it at a farm auction near hear. Thanks for looking at this project! <br> <br>By the way, there is a wingtip from A T-6 hanging in the garage. It can be seen in my ceiling fan instructable. At some point a second navigation light was added to it. This was actually a gift from the gentleman who sold me the propeller. <br> <br> <br>
Strange rim, is it the rim or the tyre (or both) from a T6 Texan (or &quot;Harvard&quot; as they are referred to here and within the British Empire)? I have never seen or heard of one of these aircraft with a rim like this, every one I have ever seen has had a flat circular aluminium plate with four large flat screws to hold it in place over the inner hub. (That's probably why yours appears to have 4 unusual protruding points on it.) I don't know why the wheels would have a plate over the nice rim shown here, this certainly doesn't look ugly. Nice piece!
Hello, The rim and tire are both from a T-6. Normally there is a flat hubcap that covers the rim. The wheels on a Texan or Harvard are exposed, even when retracted, and the hubcap reduces the wind resistance. I also think the wheel looks better without it. <br>
Very nice! How did you get the rim so clean?
All I used was automotive tire cleaner and a plastic bristled brush. I was very surprised by the difference in the appearance of the rim after cleaning it. <br>
A great idea, very well explained. I want one for my man cave. lol.

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