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I made this for my Dad who owned the car in Kenya in the 50's. I have been making sculptures for a while now and have recently started using wire, this one is special as Dad often speaks of his time in Africa an the mighty Alllard.

David Goodey says

The two mufflers kicking out under the doors were "obtained " again from RAF stores they didn't seem to want them!.The originals snaked all the way to the rear and were unobtainable. The sound was memorable and when changing down the alternate backfires made the Askari on the gate to grab his rifle

A great present for me, one I shall treasure. Many memories of a great car which when we left the camp the cry " NONE SHALL PASS " could be heard

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seamster (author)2016-04-26

This looks fantastic!

Would you be willing to add some details on how you made this? That would be very helpful to anyone that may want to make wire sculptures in a similar fashion :)

ArameD made it! (author)seamster2016-04-26

I start off with some images of the item I'm making, from many angles. A good method is to make screen grabs of a video, which is usually possible with cars.

I start with the grill as its the signature of most cars, then determine the scale from that. Don't go to big unless you have lots of time. If you see my huge Klein Bottle you can see how many joints I had to make.

If you are not sure make a simple mock up and see how long it takes before embarking on the proper version.

You need a soldering iron

3 arms

some wooden blocks

a small vice

a bench

Mentholated Spirit


Some small files

Sharp side cutters big and small.

Galvanized wire in a few sizes from 1 mm to 3 mm

You can get all this from any hardware store or DIY shop

Best to pre-sand the wire with a rubbing down cloth, of some fine Emery cloth so the galvanizing is clean, so paint will stick and the solder will flow well. I also wipe down each piece with Meths.

I prefer curvy subjects as the wire is naturally curved, so old style distinct cars, animals and such are good subjects.

Tip they look much worse unpainted than they do after painting. This means you will tend to over tidy the joints which I suppose is not a bad thing as it adds quality to the finished items.

I have added some images with and without paint.

seamster (author)ArameD2016-04-27

Whoa! These are fantastic! Thank you for the tips.

Next time you make a sculpture, I hope you'll snap a few photos of the process. This would be a very, very interesting topic to see a full, step-by-step instructional guide on. People would love it, and it would likely get a LOT of views.

Very cool stuff!

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