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While I HAVE a workshop full of scrounged tools and materials, I needed a place to sell my art.


porcupinemamma (author)2010-02-14

Oh wow!  this is exactly what I have been hoping to have!! Dear husband isn't agreeable to it though :0(

darkclaw42 (author)2009-12-13

 Amazing! A work of art itself, reviving a old Airstream. Would love one of those as a recording studio. I have two friends with a heckalot of acreage out where I live. It was either, build myself a wooden recording studio or find a trailer. Now as I look at this, I believe I found the answer. Just where do I get one.. Hmm.

mr. natural (author)darkclaw422009-12-13

Well, actually Darkclaw, it's a SPARTAN.  I like them better than the Airstreams, lots more glass space, and more SPACE without the curves on the walls.  Where to get one?  Try googling classic trailers or vintage trailers.  There are also google groups, yahoo groups.  Lots of websites too.  I was driving down the road one day and saw what looked like a fallen garage sale sign.  Had come untacked off a light pole or something.  I turned around and picked it up - "for sale - vintage travel trailer".  So I followed where I figured the arrow would have pointed and found it behind a board fence about 3 blocks from the ocean.  I knocked on the door of the nearby house and guy said make me an offer.  I said my offer is trailer is free and I have it out of here by weeks end.  DEAL.  It was full of trash and kind of rough, but price was right.  Still haven't gotten a title or plates for it, but no big deal, I love it.  When we sell our place at the beach here in Washington state, I am thinking of shipping it to New Zealand (where we will be moving).  It would be ONE OF ONE over there!

Peace, man...

night creature (author)2009-01-04

SOOO, what kind of ART do you sell? I tend to do LARGE sculpture, so, this might not be optimum for me-though it is NEAT! Also, I would wonder if there would be enough light inside-or enough electricity for spot lights? Also, what are the internal measurements? Are you planning wall space, or pedestals, or a lit display-or a combination of all of these. And, don't forget tunes-got to have tunes! I would think that nice Birch pedestals and/or a birch counter would look very slick! Ventilation? Happy Re-Habbing!

Joebob (author)2008-12-26

Can't wait to see your progress- we are working on restoring our 1970 Airstream Safari.

mr. natural (author)Joebob2008-12-27

Thank You Joebob. Airstreams are so much fun because they are so popular that one can actually GET parts and advice for them. Did you know there is a heck of a market in Japan for old Airstreams? This Spartan is not a restoration. I am only trying to get the wiring safe and get it presentable inside. Will only be polishing the front part on the outside. I just remembered one thing that is a tip: To refurbish the birch panelling inside, I have 3 steps. 1- wipe it down with soapy water then wipe dry. 2- rub it down thoroughly with Formbey's furniture restorer. It seems to "melt" the varnish somewhat and smooth it out. Then 3- I wipe it down real good with high quality clear furniture oil. If you shop around, you may get lucky and find 1/8 inch birch veneer plywood for a real good price. I have opted not to do that, as the panelling is not too bad in my case, AND I believe that all of the warts and bumps and scratches are part of the personality of a 57 or 58 year old trailer. More later!

LinuxH4x0r (author)2008-12-26


Weissensteinburg (author)2008-12-26

Cool, do you have any more recent pics?

Thanks for your interest Weissensteinburg! I have a few, but not quite sure how they relate to this thread...I will get out there tomorrow and work on these lights some more. Will try to get some more pix then.

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