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I know it's been done before and done better (, but I wanted to share my version of the concept.  I found this 1955 Sears Silvertone radio at a yard sale selling for $1.  It was missing the power cord and the tubes but the case was in good shape and it was perfect for this project.  First, I cleaned out the spider webs and other detritus.  Then I polished the exterior with Brasso and covered it with two coats of Carnauba wax.  Then I  wired the old bayonet lightbulb to a 12V power supply.  Then I used a dremel to cut away the unneeded parts of the speakers and positioned them inside the case.  I have the speakers hooked up to an old iPod thru a wire going thru the wall and into my closet.  I play a 24 hour loop of classic Jazz so that people never hear the same thing twice.  The sound volume and quality are actually good.  And the bulb gives it that warm and nostalgic look.  I plan to insert some old commercials on MP3 and perhaps some newscasts and sports for variety.


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