amstewart5 years ago
Great instructible!  The corvette pictured is a 1963 split-window though.  First and only year they were made like that. :)
triumphman (author)  amstewart4 years ago
1964 had a split window coupe too!
triumphman (author)  triumphman4 years ago
You are correct. My mistake, I mistook the solid rear window of the '64 as a split window. The Genuine Corvette Black Book 1953-1984 has all the stats. Thanks for your input.
1964 Blue Stingray Coup.jpg
I am also a huge fan of the corvette and own The Complete Book of Corvette. It also has every conceivable factoid about them. I absolutely love this book and the cars themselves! :P
Kiteman7 years ago
Regarding step four - are you saying you were a member of Prefab Sprout??
triumphman (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Yea, that's me on the Triumph Bonneville, with something warm stuck on my back!

(I think that's some sort of record for delayed reply...?)

KentsOkay6 years ago
Way awesome!
Corvette's are my favorite cars, and the Stingray's are AWESOME too.
Great Instructable.
miz_raven7 years ago
Wow what a cool idea!!