Before I had children, I had this awesome craft room where the walls were decorated in vintage crochet patterns, all placed in floating frames.  <Big sigh....>

I wish I had taken a photo of the room to reminisce.

Anyway, in the now-packed-away stash of crochet patterns that USED TO BE wall decorations, I found this 1971 dated leaflet called "this 'n' that" - crocheted with washable rug yarn, published by Columbia Minerva.  One of the more colorful leaflet patterns I have from that stash, I used the photos to create a crochet pattern of my own, using standard weight acrylic yarn, and felt for the "classic" 1970's decor that I imagine must have been standard decor in the kitchen during that era.

As the pattern was for rug yarn, I literally started from scratch with the pattern, and made two different types of potholder crochet patterns for the various crocheting ranges that may be interested in a relatively quick project that could potentially use up scrap yarn.
As an experienced crocheter, it took me about 2-1/2 hours to crochet the pot holders themselves, and at least an hour to sew on the embellishment.

I also attached the files I made for my felt patterns for your use.  (See step 4.)  Please DO NOT sell these patterns, but feel free to sell ANYTHING you create from them.

A shout-out to the crocheted potholder pattern that has come before me on this site:
Super Simple Single Crochet Pot Holder by Crystals Creations

Read on to get started on these!

Step 1: Materials, Tools and Notes

Crochet basics and help can be found here: Video
Photos1, Photos2

A word on gauge:
Gauge is not needed for this project, however, if you know you are a loose stitch crocheter (like myself) use a type G hook.  If you tend to be a tight-stitch crocheter then I suggest using a size H hook or a size I hook.
Final potholder size was about 7-inches x 7-inches.
If you do not know what any of the above sentences mean, please refer to the crochet help and look up how to crochet on this website.

ch: chain
sl: slip
st: stitch
sc: single crochet
sp: space

These potholders were made with acrylic yarn in varying lengths.
All units are English.

Materials & Tools:
various skein colors of 4-ply acrylic yarn
Size G crochet hook (PLEASE see note about gauge above)
yarn needle
1/2-inch to 3/4-inch button

Optional Embellishment Materials & Tools:
copy of patterns from Step 4
various colors of felt
embroidery needle and various or matching colors of thread
optional sewing machine or thread & needle to sew pieces together
my great grandma taught me these as my first crochet projects when I was 7 years old.. and I still make them even now...
OMG those are so cute! And they look like such fun to decorate :)
Thank you! <br>My daughter picked the colors for the butterfly one and hung it in her room! I hope I get around to making the cherry and apple ones. Those are more of my taste. =)

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