Before I had children, I had this awesome craft room where the walls were decorated in vintage crochet patterns, all placed in floating frames.  <Big sigh....>

I wish I had taken a photo of the room to reminisce.

Anyway, in the now-packed-away stash of crochet patterns that USED TO BE wall decorations, I found this 1971 dated leaflet called "this 'n' that" - crocheted with washable rug yarn, published by Columbia Minerva.  One of the more colorful leaflet patterns I have from that stash, I used the photos to create a crochet pattern of my own, using standard weight acrylic yarn, and felt for the "classic" 1970's decor that I imagine must have been standard decor in the kitchen during that era.

As the pattern was for rug yarn, I literally started from scratch with the pattern, and made two different types of potholder crochet patterns for the various crocheting ranges that may be interested in a relatively quick project that could potentially use up scrap yarn.
As an experienced crocheter, it took me about 2-1/2 hours to crochet the pot holders themselves, and at least an hour to sew on the embellishment.

I also attached the files I made for my felt patterns for your use.  (See step 4.)  Please DO NOT sell these patterns, but feel free to sell ANYTHING you create from them.

A shout-out to the crocheted potholder pattern that has come before me on this site:
Super Simple Single Crochet Pot Holder by Crystals Creations

Read on to get started on these!
PixieMae made it!8 months ago
my great grandma taught me these as my first crochet projects when I was 7 years old.. and I still make them even now...
OMG those are so cute! And they look like such fun to decorate :)
Thank you!
My daughter picked the colors for the butterfly one and hung it in her room! I hope I get around to making the cherry and apple ones. Those are more of my taste. =)