1973 Lotus Europa





Introduction: 1973 Lotus Europa

We have been working on this Lotus that has been being restored for 15 years now and we bought it 2 1/2 years ago. We have put it together most of the way and been the first to put it on all 4 wheels and we have finally started it and drove it. This car is not all the way put together and is not street legal. This car is only 43 inches tall has 120 hp, a 4 cylinder engine and weighs only 1500 lbs. follow this link to see it moving for the first time in 15 years. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7hLTgK5axg



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    I like it.
    Are you restoring it to all original? the body looks in great shape but from the video looks like there is a lot of room for an engine swap?

    No I can not. Do you Know how much work was put into this? It has taken well over a decade to restore this car. Well over a decade of on and off work that is.

    Um, sorry I think someone else was on my account. I've never even seen this intsructable O.o

    Well the only engines i know about is the 87 hp Renault and the 120 hp ford if you watch the video i filmed it. My dad cant find reverse on the car so we have to push it backwards. Would you know how to fix it? And do you have a lotus?

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    Well it has been awhile and the reverse problem was user problems. Reverse is backwards to most American cars.

    she is my old car. I purchased her in 1989 in southern California as an absolute basket case. I took her to Wyoming in 1994 when I went to Wyoming Tech and spent three months on the body painting her (I have pictures). I then took her to Florida where, needing money, I sold the rolling chassis to Wire Wheel. If you would like the pictures, contact me at bristowest@yahoo.com


    My third favorite Lotus. (#1=Mk4, #2=the '76 Esprit S4)

    Is that really the 105HP 1558 cc "big valve" engine? or the non-US emissions 120HP version?  Hard to believe that little HP, and a tiop speed of 120MpH was considered a super car! I really like the colors. retro sheik for sure.