Picture of 1976 MP5K Prototype Posted
Well I had some requests to post this baby, and I did as soon as possible. Well I got this working using the Dunkis's ump mag system. I think its pretty awesome, so let me know if you make it cause I like to keep track of that stuff :)! I can shoot about 30 feet but I think its the best mp5k it terms of looks.
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Step 1: The Front

Step 2: The Mag and Holder

Picture of The Mag and Holder
Just a simple white rod mag. Follow the pics.

Step 3: The Rear End

Hey the name of this step kinda reminds me of some people on this site.

Step 4: Handle

Picture of Handle
XxsonicxX2 years ago
Lol i used a dremel or what ever its called
the vengeful aug (author)  XxsonicxX2 years ago
Did you finish it?
Yeah man
Frickin sweat! Close to a 1:1 scale. Has some weight. Looks cool.
So do you still have it ?
XxsonicxX2 years ago
Is that a green rod or a white rod on pic 6?
the vengeful aug (author)  XxsonicxX2 years ago
green rod
XxsonicxX2 years ago
Lol i used a dremel or what ever its called
hey, i'm halfway done, i only need to do this step and the handle. :D
Jolly good are you done?
are the broken whites on pic 4 needed?
the vengeful aug (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago
I guess you could substitute a yellow clip. They were already broken so I just used them