I own a vintage Honda Twin, CM400T. In order to replace the leaky OE master cylinder, I would have to buy a rebuild reservoir kit and piston kit. Somewhere around 70.00 total for both of these kits and the process of taking the old off and putting both kits on. OR, you can purchase a brand new assembly off of Ebay, mine was 27.99. It even includes a new brake switch. Here is what I had to do, to make a 92-98 CB400 master cylinder fit my 81 CM400T

<p>an Instructable without instructions is worse than useless ...</p>
<p>All of the instructions necessary are included in each picture. A master cylinder change is intuitive for an experienced shade tree mechanic. </p>
<p>All the notes that are needed are within each picture. Replacing a master cylinder is for a seasoned mechanic.</p>

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