Had a blast doing this chair for cheap. Cost me $60.00:
That plush throw was a great choice. It looks so soft and inviting.
thanks, its pretty soft. Walmart doesnt sell fabric anymore, which is strange. they sell precut fabric in bundles of 3 yards, but nothing was interesting. it was between the throw or a microfiber blanket, may as well go with something unique and comfortable.
Yeah. Walmart'a craft section sadly gets smaller and smaller. I see nothing wrong with using a blanket, same as precut cloth but softer and hemmed on the edges :)
That is one shaggy chair. You should have added a Domo face on to it.<br><br>I tried reupholstering one of my office chairs and the seat frame was made from some heavy duty plastic. I think you needed an industrial stapler to tack the fabric down since the staples and brads couldn't penetrate. I gave up and sewed a drawstring around my seat cover to attach to the chair.
what is a domo face? there will be an update
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Domo-kun/">You know not of the great Domo</a>?
domo would of been awsome with thins, i will figure a way out on how to incorporate it witht he future updates
no i do not, im interested in knowing though.
This chair had hard plastic as well. but i was able to get some staples in it. This is where the glue came in handy. And the blanket worked alot better than standard fabric. i originally used a T-shirt

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