1987 Steelcase Refurbished Office Chair


Introduction: 1987 Steelcase Refurbished Office Chair


A project that was under $60.00 and was fun.
Found a $20.00 chair off Craigslist.
$10.00 bucks for gas
$15.00 blanket from Walmart
$3.50 for glue sticks for glue gun
$3.00 on hardware form Homedepot



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    I dig it. I had a chair like that my first year of teaching. Not as fuzzy, though. Nor as awesome. Great work.

    How is the hot glue holding up to all the sitting and swiveling?

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    That is a better look and explanation. I couldn't figure out how to upload and stuff so i did it twice

    Any desire to keep this one, in that case? I checked out your other one and it's even awesomer. Great instructions and pics.

    Let me know if you'd like an admin to remove this project. Or just flag it as incomplete. (the little flag icon in the top right next to the facebook/twitter/favorite icons....)

    Well i submitted this one into the gorilla glue contest, then figured out how to upload and do steps, but couldnt enter the contest witht hat one.

    Let me see if I can fix that for you.

    Well I originally did a quick wrap of the back rest and two armrest with an old XXL t-shirt. I had that on for about two weeks. The t-shirt held up awesome. So I decided to take it another step. The new fabric is holding up awesome, no problems at all. I did use around 10 6" glue sticks (most of them were used on the arm rest). I am still thinking of sewing buttons through the seat to get that nice look and add a little more strength so the fabric wont stretch, but I really haven’t had a problem with the fabric stretching.