1991 ST1100 Darkside





Introduction: 1991 ST1100 Darkside

Going to the darkside, other than Star Wars, is the use of a "properly fitting" car tire, in place of the rear tire (most popular) or both front and back of a motorcycle. This is a documentation of my conversion process.

It is important at this stage to note that there are time and resources invested in this project for those who want to do this conversion on this model. If you don't have a metal lathe,  you will have to provide the necessary blue prints and money to assemble these parts with a rim other than OEM. These parts include a modified brake caliper hanger, different length spacers on the axle and a spacer underneath the 5 lug spline spider. The rim you need is 16" instead of the OEM 17" to faciliate a tire that will mount. The Goldwing rim is more narrow than OEM, these spacers and modifications aid the shift of the appropriate distance to the left so the wheel is centered.



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    Back to preparing for a dark side conversion on my yamaha royal star because I chew up tires with outrages amounts of chicken striping due to my sidecar sadly the venture has a 140/90r16 meaning the largest tire I can fit is a 155 but I can't find one for a 16" rim so I will have to fit a vmax 15" rim on the rear

    I use a 185/55/16 and a 185/70/16 on my yamaha roadstar.

    A snow/mud tire. It has to have a stiff sidewall.

    I have 21k on this tire so if you can find a way to make it work, it will be worth the effort. Have you found a forum about converting what you have?

    I don't care if you can do it; it's a bad idea to put a square-profiled car tire on a motorcycle. It is not safe.

    ^^^^^^^wrong again. If you've never done it your opinion is irrelevant. I ride darkside and you wouldnt even know the difference. Bike will corner just a bit slower. Other than that you wouldnt even know there was a car tire on it.

    If you do this (and you shouldn't) be aware that if you are involved in an accident while using a non-approved tire, your insurance company can (and likely will) deny your claim.

    100% wrong^^^^^^ educate yourself

    Perhaps you could tell us why you would want to fit a car tyre, You should also point out the dangers of using car tyres on a motorcycle which has no sidecar fitted. The handling is so badly affected particularly whilst cornering when the footprint of the tyre is greatly reduced. This is a bad idea on a standard roadbike.

    100% wrong^^^^^