Picture of 1993 EX500 Race Bike - Complete Rebuild
Hey everyone, I picked up an 1993 EX500 in pretty rough shape at the beginning of last summer for a project bike and decided to document my progress. Here's the storyline of the complete overhaul, restoration and modifications.

It's a 1993 ex-race bike. It has an FZR600 front end and a 1986 ZX6 swingarm with an FZR600 18" rear wheel. The previous owner lost the ownership and the bike wasn't running when I got it but it would crank. It was a bit of a mess but I ended up getting the ownership for it and started the rebuild process.

Any feedback is appreciated!

Disclaimer: I should add that I am not a licensed mechanic just a backyard hobbyist. Read what you see here with that in mind. I assume no responsibility for your safety.

Step 1: Step 1: Teardown

Picture of Step 1: Teardown
The first thing I needed to do was tear the bike down to see exactly what I was working with. It was at this point that I realized how much of the bike wasn't stock.

It had:

FZR600 front end
1986 ZX6 swingarm
FZR600 18" rear wheel
Modified Subframe
Modified Electronics
Aftermarket Exhaust

MayM1 month ago
What size bearings did you for the fzr forks to seat properly into the ex500 frame?
spizzak (author)  MayM1 month ago

I can't remember the exact size, but I used this to figure it out: http://www.allballsracing.com/index.php/forkconversion

AndrewS433 months ago

thats a beauty

Ryburrr1 year ago

got a qustion for ya, when you relocated the ignition, how did you secure it? And did you need to cut/splice wires at all? Bike looks great, planning on a custom headlight situation, need that ig out of the way...

spizzak (author)  Ryburrr1 year ago

I drilled a hole where the steering column lock used to be an JB welded a nut in there. Then I added a bracket that I could bolt the ignition to.

I didn't need to cut any wires though. You should be able to get the ignition out and disconnect it from the main harness if you take enough of the surrounding parts off.

Awesome job. Great read. Inspired me to write up my fireblade 954 (cheap) streetfighter project. Ty
eauphalant2 years ago
How would you go about finding a cheap enduro? And what kinds of enduros do you think would be the cheapest that someone could also buy parts for it?
eauphalant2 years ago
So should I look a for new, used, or (in need of repair) enduro? My family has done a lot of racing and fixing cars so I could probably take a broken down motorcycle to them but i didn't know what you would possibly do in my situation. (I've been working on cars with my grandpa for a long time if that helps)
spizzak (author) 2 years ago
Hey thanks for reading. Based off that info I would say go with an enduro. They're cheap, light, easy to maneuver, durable, and easy to work on. Plus you can do some on road as well as off road riding. Sounds like it would right up your alley.
eauphalant2 years ago
Hi, I'm trying to going into a stage of looking at motorcycles for my first. I'm 17 years old and I was wondering what you might think i should get for a type of motorcycle. I'm 5'10" or 5'11", 116 pounds, and I would most likely use it for going everywhere that I possibly could go on it and would like to have fun doing more things on it like possibly either stunt or going offroad. I don't have any experience with motorcycles but some offroad experience on dirtbikes. Would you think it would be a bad thing if i were to buy a project bike off of someone as a first? I'm asking you because I can tell you actually know your stuff. By the way, you had a very nice instructables.
coptician2 years ago
Spizzak, you may be a "backyard mechanic", but it's obvious you love being one and have a heart to share that passion. You put as much work into this instructable as you did the bike build! There's lots of useful info there for anyone, regardless of the make/model of thier project. Great job!
russm3132 years ago
Great instructable! It was very detailed and informative. Nice pictures too. I really enjoyed reading through this. Thanks for sharing!
spizzak (author)  russm3132 years ago
Thanks for the reply, I'm glad you enjoyed it!