Step 8: Removing the No.2 Idler Assembly

Picture of Removing the No.2 Idler Assembly
Timeing Belt Exploded.jpg
The No.2 idler assembly is slightly hidden by an electrical raceway and some fuel lines.

In order to remove the idler you must first remove 4 bolts(10mm) from the small plate that surrounds the no.2 idler. Pry the plate back and forth so it loosens then slide it up.
It will be caught by the electrical raceway, there are several clips on each side that you have to open in order to open the raceway. It is not necessary to completely remove the raceway, just bend it enough to let the plate pass by.

Once you have the plate off you can use your special 90 degree 14mm box end wrench. The 4 bolts(12mm) are exposed enough that you can place the wrench on and use a pair of pliers to initially loosen the bolts. Clean this surface like the others and clear any debris that fall into the hole. Tape it closed when finished.
mgsissonvt2 years ago
Thank you so much for adding that comment. Saved me hours of work! and worked like a charm.
lshephard3 years ago
instead of taking the time to make the 14 mm wrench, simply remove the fuel line that is in the way of getting a 14 mm socket with extension. It is located on the right side of the engine facing it and is a 17 mm bolt. A small amount of fuel will leak, no big deal. Then access the bolts from atop and behind the wire raceway. A small 12 mm socket with elbow will get the ones in the front out. s