Introduction: Registrate

Pulsa en sing up para empezar con el registro

Step 1: Rellena Los Campos

Rellena todos los campos para seguir con el registro

Step 2: Entra En Tu Cuenta

Pulsa en You Inbox para entrar en tu cuenta

Step 3: Pulsa Published

Pulsa en Plubished para empezar con tu primer tutorial

Step 4: Pulsa En Start Para Inicar

Pulsa en start an instructable para iniciar el proceso y listo



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    Really... Is this really necessary? I vote to remove this Instructable. I don't know about the rest of you who manage to stumble onto this one, but I'd like to think that the general population, especially those interested in this site, do NOT need to know how to sign up for an account with the site. namarie, please don't insult people's intelligence, and remove this Instructable.

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    This instructables is just an example to put in my blog ,so my readers can see an example web tool. Think this is less annoying than you. A little respect for what others are doing with good intentions ! thanks for the comment. Mr.gover57.

    . My intelligence has not been insulted, but maybe I'm just too stupid to recognize an insult. I can see where this could be helpful to ppl who speak Spanish. I'd like to see you add more How-To-Use-Ibles iBles in Spanish (or any other language).

    agreed. broadening the audience beyond the English speaking realm can only further expand the possibilities of instructables.

    sorry, but if you're on this site, you should know how to use it. if not, then read the instructions that are already included. otherwise, maybe push for a spanish only version of the site, or ask the admins to include a translate button.

    Hmmm, this is a tough issue, and I've thought about it since I wrote my last comment. I understand gover57's side, meaning that we're on an English site, and almost all the instructables (not all) are in English, so it makes perfect sense to expect that the readers will want to view projects in a language they can speak (otherwise what's the point of coming here? There's nothing stopping an entrepreneur from operating a site similar to this which caters only to a selection of people. People who come here wish to learn in a language they can speak, there is nothing wrong with that.

    I think what i was trying to say was that people who do not speak English should not be excluded from the information and contributing to a community based collective of projects. However, upon re-reading what i wrote, and your comment I am more inclided to state that whil eI like, and even want to share this site with as many people as possible, we need to have a common medium to which we can share these ideas, the currency we happen to use is English.

    I think for the future, users who do not speak or write with our currency will need to look for other measures that allow them to communicate and convey their ideas, such as Rimar2000 who has posted many instructables and openly admits on his profile that "I speak Spanish, not English. I use automatic translators for writing my instructables.".

    Bottom line? While I like the expanding community we need to realize that there's a slippery slope when allowing too many projects in a format that will be exclusionary. The nightmare-scenario is the site which was once a yellow pages of ideas instead populated with projects of a nature not intended for the vast majority of the users.

    . I don't agree with you, but must admit that you did a great job stating your case. You make some points that deserve careful consideration. . I wonder what Robot thinks about non-English iBles?

    Instructables en español!!! Que bien, y bienvenido, de donde eres?

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    Is good that , soomebody is popularizing instructables in different language , other than english . pheraps one day we will see a sectioon of instructables in spanish!

    Very good, well done and I hope to see some more users on here then! Ignore gover57 he hasn't got any ible's, At least you made one :)