Picture of 1UP Cakes
Make cakes that look like 1UPs from Super Mario Bros.


These ones look like they were made by a five year old. I am 27, and have no excuse. YMMV.
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Step 1: Collect!

Picture of Collect!
You will need:

Cake bases:

Baking powder (if your flour isn't self raising).

(This is actually adapted from a muffin recipe, but for some reason comes out tasting like scones. Savoury works quite well with the amount of chocolate you're going to be putting on these)

White chocolate (2 - 3 decent sized bars should be enough)
Green food colouring
Cooking oil (Can substitute milk - this is to loosen the chocolate and stop it binding if it dries out during melting).
White chocolate buttons.

Various mixing bowls, whisks, spoons, pans etc. as required.
A small muffin tin. I recommend the silicone type shown in this instructable, as it gives the closest to a mushroom shape I've found and they also pop out of it very easiy without any greasing.

Step 2: Melt! Mix!

First, melt the butter on a pan on the hob. Keep it moving so as not to burn it, and take it off the heat for a little while if you need to.

Now break a medium egg into your mixing bowl, and whisk it up. Add half a cup of melted butter, then a cup of milk, then whisk them all up. Photos above show this in far too much detail.

Step 3: Mix!

Picture of Mix!
Now, in your other mixing bowl, mix up:

2 and 1/2 cups of flour
2 tablespoons of sugar
and 1/2 a teaspoon of salt.

If your flour isn't self raising, add 2 teaspoons of baking powder too.

Now dump in the wet stuff you mixed in the last step too, and mix it all together until it forms delicious, sticky muffin dough.

Step 4: Bake!

Picture of Bake!
Now use a couple of teaspoons to portion your dough out into the tray. To avoid air bubbles in the bottom, I find it best to push a bit of dough right down into each muffin compartment first, then build up more on top. To get a good mushroom top, I also put a bit more in than they can hold rather than leaving them level.

If you're using a silicone tray like the one in the pictures, you don't need to grease it or anything, they'll pop right out when they're done. If you're using a metal tin, you'll need to grease it and might want to use paper muffin cases too.

Bake them at gas mark 5 (190°C, 375°F) for 25 minutes, and they should look like the ones in the third pic below.

Step 5: Melt!

Now to make the icing.

Break up all your chocolate into a microwavable bowl, then blast it for a while on a defrost setting or the lowest power you have available. Keep doing it until it gets a bit melty like in photo #1, then you can stir it up.

Now add your food colouring, and be ready for something ugly to happen: Chocolate is oily, and most food colouring is water based. So, the same as if you're melting it in a steamer and some water gets into it, when you add colouring the chocolate will immediately seem to dry out and stiffen, going powdery and lumpy in places.

You can sort this out by adding a little bit of cooking oil or milk - not too much or it will get really watery and not be able to set.

Keep adding colouring and oil/milk as needed until you get the shade of green you want, and that's your icing ready.

Step 6: Dip!

After letting the cake cool for a while, dip them in the icing to give them green tops. You might need to microwave your icing for a little while if it sets too much during this step.

Next add the white chocolate buttons to create the white spots, but make sure to let the icing set for a while before doing this. If you add the buttons too early, they'll go blobby and melt off the sides, but if you add them too late, they won't stick.

Step 7: Refrigerate!

Picture of Refrigerate!
Now pop them all in the fridge to set, lick your kitchen stuff clean, and within a few hours they'll be ready.

I take no responsibility if you do super dangerous stuff after eating these.
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by the way, nachimir, this is very interesting! this would totes be great if you had a birthday at powersurge.
My brother will love these for his birthday. Thanks! (p.s.; Nestle are baby killers? What's that about?)
Nachimir (author)  Trouble Clef7 years ago
Look down to eviloverlord's comment. A few decades back they marketed powdered baby formula with sales reps dressed as nurses, who told mothers it was better than breast milk. They did this in countries where the water isn't potable, so a lot of babies caught diseases and died.
wtf, nestle??? and i think nestles chocolate tastes like wax. bleah. buy hersheys!
you should at least try to be nice. the person who made this put a lot of work into it and for you to scold them on chocolate is just ... wow. next time if you want to state your opinion like THAT then do it on your blog. not cool.
Nachimir (author)  Nachimir7 years ago
Personally I don't think boycotting solves much at all (it just turns a tiny segment of the market invisible and the companies keep rolling on), but it's worth knowing these things about companies.
holy crap dont do that,youll die!!
Love Them Bro! You're Awesome! :)
mathews984 years ago
instead of buttons could you just put a few dollops of white chocolate ( maybe some Parafin wax mixed in) and put them in the freezer for a bit? think i'll try it :)
ChristyDurr4 years ago
I have make my own fondat out of marshmellows and powdered sugar and if you chill the mushrooms unil they set and use fondat for the white circles and put a dab of icing to hold it on it will most likely do better
Nikadi5 years ago
I made these a few months ago and they were fantastic! The cupcakes aren't fantastic without the icing though.

Whatever you do though, do not use a steamer to melt the chocolate! I stupidly done this with my first batch of chocolate (I planned to make red and green mushrooms) as my sister told me that it would work, it ruined my red chocolate. Definately mix in the oil before adding food colouring too, it works wonders if you keep stirring.

I'm making them again tomorrow but with a usual fairy cake recipe :)
<eats one>
<steps in front of bus>
<eats another>
aleji77a5 years ago
cute idea :)
add chocolate chips for the eyes!
You should totally do up a bunch of red ones, with an HGH supplement in them. I was thinking though, instead of the Icing/white chocolate setup it might work better if you first put a "head" of cream-cheese icing on the shrooms, (leave it white) and wrap it with a sheet of red/green fondant with holes cut in it to let the cream cheese come through, (maybe I'll do an instructable to that effect. )
jthatcher aqwiz5 years ago
the fondant with cream cheese sounds like it would be a good effect, but my only worry with that would be if it got warm, your cream cheese would probably get all over the place :)
aqwiz jthatcher5 years ago
 yeah, but most cream cheese icing is thicker than straight cream cheese, and you would probably wanna aerate it to make it puffy

but, What no comment about the HGH shrooms?
I thought that was funny. . .

jthatcher5 years ago
just an idea here, perhaps after you have beate the egg into the batter add two drops of vanilla for flavoring? This would give it that kind of cake like effect. :)
p4trick956 years ago
why not get white cake icing and put green food coloring in?
White Cake Icing doesn't give you that sheen that a chocolate (for lack of a better word) ganash can. The chocolate also adds a bit of flavor, because the recipe in and of itself for the cake (or quick bread for those that are semantics about it). I'm going to post earlier, that maybe a drop or two of pure vanilla may be helpful in the batter, but I would NOT put it in the chocolate...
thats what i did
So, you're implying that IF i eat this cupcake, i could obtain a RESPAWN?
kelseyrobin5 years ago
 these are amazing! i love your overly detailed pictures hahaha they helped out a ton!
slushy2005 years ago
i am going to make a bigger one i will yous two layers of cake for the bottom and a ton of rice crispy treats for the top and then i will yous fondant to top it of... btw. awesome!!
devilnocry5 years ago
It looks interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So cool............
mlowarren5 years ago
If you use candy coloring in place of the food coloring your chocolate shouldn't ever get lumpy and need oil/milk :)
PenSpinner7 years ago
Awesome...If i eat one of these and kil myslef...i will ressurect, right? I think ill make some of them. They look delicous and COOL :D SMB ROCKS
why not just make some stars :D
No, huans can't store lives. But if you kill yourself first, then eat it /\/\aybe. :) -PKT
Damn i accidentally ate a purple one. now im not tall enough to reach the counter to make a red one :(
you could use fondant instead it would look better
thank you so much I´m doing this ones today as some stars, I will post the pictures last Monday was the embrace your geekness day so a week later but we will still celebrate.
ok, 1 up and one size mushroom done, I also add crushed almonds and vanilla extract to you original recipe, they are a hit!
1 up.JPG
twocvbloke6 years ago
I like Billington's natural sugar, it tastes so much better than normal refined sugar... :D I've already done the eating a red one and burping fireballs joke today, so I'll skip that... :P
This didn't come out as I intended. (I used marshmallows instead. I ended up getting pissed off more than anything. >.<) I'm selling these tomorrow at a bake sale! :D
I belong to the Pikes Peak Mycological Society. (Local Mushroom club for Colorado Springs). A red cap with white dots would end up looking like a mushroom that actually exists- Amanita muscaria (Known to cause hallucinations and stomach upset). That would make for an interesting addition at the annual potluck in October. I wonder if anyone would eat one, though?
Instead of using white chocolate dots it would probably be better to use little balls of Marzipan (If you don't know what Marzipan is it's ground almonds)
ground almonds and sugar isn't it?
My husband saw this article and requested them for his 30th birthday! Thanks for the idea!
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