Step 6: Dip!

After letting the cake cool for a while, dip them in the icing to give them green tops. You might need to microwave your icing for a little while if it sets too much during this step.

Next add the white chocolate buttons to create the white spots, but make sure to let the icing set for a while before doing this. If you add the buttons too early, they'll go blobby and melt off the sides, but if you add them too late, they won't stick.
Nikadi5 years ago
I made these a few months ago and they were fantastic! The cupcakes aren't fantastic without the icing though.

Whatever you do though, do not use a steamer to melt the chocolate! I stupidly done this with my first batch of chocolate (I planned to make red and green mushrooms) as my sister told me that it would work, it ruined my red chocolate. Definately mix in the oil before adding food colouring too, it works wonders if you keep stirring.

I'm making them again tomorrow but with a usual fairy cake recipe :)
p4trick956 years ago
why not get white cake icing and put green food coloring in?
White Cake Icing doesn't give you that sheen that a chocolate (for lack of a better word) ganash can. The chocolate also adds a bit of flavor, because the recipe in and of itself for the cake (or quick bread for those that are semantics about it). I'm going to post earlier, that maybe a drop or two of pure vanilla may be helpful in the batter, but I would NOT put it in the chocolate...
thats what i did