Picture of 1W LED Lamp for night light
This is the my first instructable project very useful to most peoples.
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Step 1: Materials Required.

Picture of Materials Required.
1. Scrap CFL for housing. 2.Any mobile phone charger around 5v or 6v will do. 3. 1W power led any colour 4. Copper clad board. 5. Current limiting resistor (1W) Value is depending on your charger voltage.

Step 2: Setup

Picture of Setup
Disassemble  your charger and dead CFL, from inside the CFL two wires came from holder unit cut these wires at near the circuit board then solder the two wires charger circuit to phase, neutral. Take extra red and black wire solder at out put stage. leave it about couple of minutes we are going to cut the pcb for LED mounting. Cut the copper clad board exactly sitting inside the CFL housing tightly. Now cut the soldering track by your hobby knife like picture shown below then solder the red black wire to the power LED through current limiting resistor here is the formula for choosing the resistor valve=  supply voltge - led forward voltge /LED forward current. sorry friends I am boring to explain everything in step by step. don't worry if you have any doubt on this instructable please comment on my page. thank you.  
motu_aj1 year ago

Why do you need Copper clad; Are you using it for Heat-sink ????

- AMit