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I had looked at the site before and looked at all the amazing projects, but one day I decided I would give dannyeurena's  Optimus Prime Costume a shot.  Not only was it a fantastic 'able but I realized how much I just plain loved this site! 

I created my prime costume while working for a children's summer camp.  We had a Halloween dance, and I surprised the children and had a million pictures taken in my costume.  Needless to say that little 'able created a monster and I look often at the site, recommend it to others, and have really enjoyed sharing my own 'ables with the community.


Dusk Shadows (author)2012-07-18

Wow this is so Boss!

poofrabbit (author)Dusk Shadows2012-11-04

Thanks! It really taught me that you can actually make things you see on instructables, lol! :D

Dusk Shadows (author)poofrabbit2012-11-04

Lol yeah

Tomcat94 (author)2012-04-24

This is great! I hope you were able to breathe more easily than I could in my Gundam costume. I know how heavy and cumbersome costumes like this get, so it's good to know that the hard work put into not only making the costume, but also wearing it around for more than an hour or so makes so many people happy.

poofrabbit (author)Tomcat942012-04-24

I saw your costume and it is fantastic I could tell the hours of work you put in! (I was also thrilled to read you won your contest after months of work) Funny you should say that, I WAS HOT! Holy cow batman who knew! The helmet was the worse and because I was working so quickly on this, I actually couldn't take my helmet off alone, so I had to walk over to others and have them remove it so I could cool off. My favorite part however, was putting great stuff in the feet, it gave me an extra 12" of high, so a lot of kids didn't know who I was LOL!

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