Picture of 1up Mushroom Storage Cube
So I have a storage issue at my house, I have so much random stuff that doesnt have a place. So I decided to make a storage cube with a removable lid. But then I thought, lets make it AWESOME! 

Things you will need:
one sheet of 16mm MDF
sand paper
a drill
screws (32mm)
paint (Taubmans Imp Green 1L and white1L)
masking tape
tape measure
compass (for circles)
wood filler
roller and tray
paint brush

Things that will make it easier:
a belt sander
spray gun and compressor
nail gun
band saw
table/circular saw
carpenters square

Cutting List and Layout: (measurements from the model)
So as mentioned above, I chose MDF as It is very smooth to paint on, and has no grain. When working with MDF you should always wear a certified dust mask, as the effects of breathing the dust in are worse than smoking. (If you cant get access to a dust mask, anything is better than nothing)

All of these measurements are for 16mm materials in order for the box to be square.

2@ 550x550
2@ 550x518
2@ 518x518
1@ 350x350
2@ 350x134
2@ 318X134

So if you do this yourself with power tools obviously you know how too. Go slowly to avoid the burn marks that sometimes appear and always wear a dust mask, but most importantly ALWAYS set up a block so that all your measurements are the same.

I did not cut my own as my local hardware know me so well that they cut stuff for me for free:P Normally they charge $1 per cut, so if you have a place similar it is just so much easier to take the papers to them and get them to cut for you.
Do you have to use MDF or can you use a different type of wood?
DeanAshby2 years ago
Best storage cube ever! I love how you use shapes that are the most improbable for a mushroom! The end product reminds me of a Mario Bros graphic. I can just imagine this in a room with a retro game graphics theme. I’m certainly looking forward to your other storage box ideas.
megaduty3 years ago
Lov'n it!
Nahual3 years ago
Next project for sure!
Bsicker3 years ago
Very cool! Think I am going to try make one as my next project.
That 1-UP looks HUGE in your first picture. It's probably a 3-UP!

You did a fine job on the Instructable too!
Nice! I love that you made the 1up Mushroom rather than the red mushroom!
lordwekner (author) 3 years ago
thankyou=] hope you enjoyed!
3ddementor3 years ago
Awesome :)