Introduction: #2 - Adding a Watermark Image to a Video

Well I am back with my second tutorial. This one is still based on using Ulead VideoStudio 11 but this time I ill show you how to put a watermark image ontop of your videos. It is a very simple process but in this video you will need to be able to access Photoshop as we are working with PSDs.

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DTWalz21 (author)2009-04-01

where did the video go?

explosivemaker (author)2008-07-19

.....thanks for the info....was that an M1 grand......

Thanks for the comment. Its the first I have received on this site and it means a lot. What do you mean by "was that an M1 grand"? the video game.....the rifle you were looked like an older rifle....although I'm not even sure what game it is.....