Introduction: 2-Axis JoyStick on a Basic Stamp

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Step 1: Your New Microcontroller.

Picture of Your New Microcontroller.

Step back and look over the basic stamp and get to know everything on it.

Step 2: Install the -VSS Wires

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Put two wires on the -VSS at the top of the board. then run one wire to pin 11 on the breadboard. The second wire will go to pin 0 on the breadboard.

Step 3: JoyStick Install

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Now take the joystick and install it on the breadboard. it should be sitting all the way to the left at the very bottom. GND should be on pin 0 on breadboard.

Step 4: Capacitor Install!

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You will need two 0.01uF capacitors. install them on the breadboard at pin 0,1 and then at 9,11.

Step 5: Resistor Time!

Picture of Resistor Time!

Now take 2 220-Ohm resistors and put on the breadboard at pin 1,4 then the other at 7,9.

Step 6: Pin Wires.

Picture of Pin Wires.

Now take 2 wires and put them on pin 0,1 then the other end on pin 4,7 on the breadboard.

Step 7: JoyStick Code

Here is the PBasic code to make the joystick work.


ualbuquerque (author)2014-10-14

that this microcontroller is shown?

mpylant (author)ualbuquerque2014-10-14

Yes. the BS2 HW board has a bread board on it. right above 'running' you will see BS2. That's the microcontroller.

mpylant (author)2014-09-16

please vote for me in the microcontroller contest!

mpylant (author)2014-09-15

Thanks! I just added the code for it also.

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