Good morning from Cambodia.

This Instructable is a guide to building 2 simple traction trebuchets from a single bicycle.

One trebuchet uses the front forks and front wheel - the other uses the frame and bottom bracket.

With careful dismantling, use, and reassembly - there's no real reason why you couldn't use the bicycle for its intended purpose to go home again after you've slaughtered the enemy.

As with any mechanical devices, care is needed at all times when building, testing and operating them.
If you make these trebuchets, PLEASE BE CAREFUL in all aspects of their use.

This project arose from practical English language classes conducted in Phnom Penh. The students in those classes wrote the following "how to" guide after building and using their trebuchets.
No grammar books were harmed during the production of this Instructable.

That's enough from me - over to the students... see step 1

Step 1: You Will Need

Here are the tools that we need

a hacksaw
a screwdriver
a measuring tape
a knife
wire clippers
a socket set

T notes -
small spanners and sockets were used to tighten up the heavy-duty jubilee clips

Here are the materials that we need

a bicycle frame
bicycle forks
a bicycle wheel
2 metal poles (3m each)
ropes (12m)
8 metal stakes
2 bamboo poles (2.5m)
an aluminium bar (2.5m)
a metal nail
rubber strip
duct tape
jubilee clips
strong cord (6m)
old jeans (to make the sling pouch)

T notes -
 the rubber strip was cut from a heavy tyre inner-tube and was around 3m long and 1 inch wide
 the aluminium bar was a box section found locally and used to try to lighten the throwing arm
 the metal nail was used as an adjustable pin at the tip of the throwing arm

Time needed

One weekend


We need only $10 for each trebuchet, (if we already have a bicycle).

I saw the headline & thought "trebuchets made from bicycle parts; that's cool!" Then I saw the photos & thought, "wait... that would be a great way to make a camera boom!"
I never thought of a camera boom... a giant set of weighing scales did cross my mind, though.

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