Step 5: Hooking Up to Any DC Wall Supply

It's pretty easy to hook up the clips to a DC power adapter simply by using a paper clip, needle, etc. for the center and then clipping the other lead to the body as seen in this picture.
I got a voltage regulator but the guy didn't know what the hell he was selling so i had to guess. I'm fairly certain i got the right one but it still doesn't work. i also got 2 green 2.6v LED's if that helps. the one I'm using now is a yellow one. I dont know what it takes. i got it from and old PC. Can anyone either tell me whats wrong with it or give me any pics. That would be a great help. Thanks. Untitled.jpg
Are you still there?<br />
I&nbsp;kind of quit for a while but I still have the regulator and plenty of 9v batterys. I think I could make one now but have been busy lately with other things like trying to figure out if I should make a small ammonium nitrate &amp; molasas bomb and set it off out in the country or go through the tedios task of turning it into sodium nitrate and then mixing it with sugar to make a smoke bomb. Also want to make something special for my girlfriend since valentines day is comming up. But after I'm done with thoughs things, I'll give it a shot again lol. ( I don't have a phone to test on anymore though so I'll try to borrow the mp3 that I&nbsp;gave my gf a while back.)&nbsp; I'll let you guys know how it turns out. =)
You have a problem in your schematic!!!<br /> <br /> The negative goes to the 2nd pin and out in the same pin(kinda need to have solder skill) 1st is positive in and 3rd is positive out!!!<br />
kinda figured lol. it is over a year old, and i was just starting to learn back then. =)
Good for you!<br /> P.S. You should make her a EL wire Heart.<br />
nah cause were I live, it's kinda hard to get that stuff and I don't like to buy over net. (havn't done it yet lol) But you did give me an idea. I could try to make a heart pillow that can recharge anything that a USB will plug into. I&nbsp;could even make it into an instructable. =) And I know what your'e thinking, we already have alot. But IF&nbsp;I&nbsp;do, do this. Then I&nbsp;will be detailed and give a readable schematic, unlike when I&nbsp;first tried to learn. =)
how much voltage can the regulator tolerate?
5 to 37 volts i believe
35 volts (7805)<br />
Never connect LED in series with voltage regulator.It will reduce input current to the LM7805 and LED may destroy.
will it give out put of only 5 v irrespective of the voltage applied?
i'm not sure but i guess. il ask one of my teachers when vacation is over
looks nice and simple! but I'm a bit confused (probably due to the mix of blurry pictures, and my lack of knowledge in electronics). If I wanted to be able to plug a usb device into it, I would simple go battery to regulator to usb? that sounds too easy!
what will be the current flowing?
please reply
"good bye mr.furbie" xD
i would be Honored if you added this to my portable chargers group
I'd be happy to, but I can't find it... =)<br/>
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/group/USB/">https://www.instructables.com/group/USB/</a><br/>
are you sure the amps dont matter, because im thinking about making a usb wall charger.
Cool Instructable, I knew I saw the DC/DC picture before, great job, but won't this bust your item? Last time I tried something like this and it screwed up my iPod video's battery. :'( Nice evil Furby.
So long as you use the 5V regulator correctly, you shouldn't have a problem. Where people go wrong is using 6V or 9V without a regulator.
Nice! I had this exact idea recently. I botched the soldering job, but I'll get it working eventually (read: during the summer). I have to admit, my cassette cover was not as cool as yours.
Dude, Im so gonna make this 4 my ipod nano 2nd gen. Great little box. Maybe i should make 1 4 my buddy wu uses a purchesed used creative zen microphoto. We Always run otta battery! Thanks sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cool and cheap to make it here in Spain they sell simular for 36eur
cool, lol DC/DC. i like ac dc better :-P. not bad, any usb charger can be made with only a 5v regulator, usb cord, and power source :-). thats why i like these things cause there very easy to make!

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