Basically, I needed a small grill really quick and cheap. It's pretty simple to put together, and easy to use. All steps in this guide are for informational purposes only. I am not responsible for any damages, explosions, or radioactive fishmen they may attack you and/or eat your first born.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Run to a Dollar Tree and pick up cooling racks (for baked goods, cookies, cakes, etc) and lasagna pans. The racks and pans were both 2 for $1, so I ended up with two pans, and two racks. I guess that makes this a $1 Grill, but who's counting?

What a freaking awesome idea, I made a few of these using a bit deeper, wider pan like the one you cook a turkey in and I put two racks on top side by side long ways. They racks fit perfectly and I was able to use a small bag of instant light charcoal, cooked 8-1\2lb steaks, 12 medium sized burgers, 2 packs of hotdogs and warmed 2 packs of buns; of course not all at the same time but I cooked all of that and the coals were still hot enough to cook on for a couple of hours.
<p>I made this today for 4th of July and it worked great! I live in a tiny apartment and it was very easy to make. Thanks!</p>
<p>This is awesome! I live in a tiny rent house in a college town so there's no storage for anything. This way its disposable or I could just stick it under the kitchen sink! My fiancee has been dieing for a grill! Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>You might use a couple more cooling racks under the grill so it's not on the surface of the table... or cement blocks.... but they are too heavy for me to carry around. The ground of course or sidewalk is good too.... I prefer not to be bending or leaning over that far down... like things up at table height. Good idea!!!!</p>
... clean-up problem? Solved!!!
Can this be reused?
It can be used a good couple of times. As long as that lasagna pan holds. Really if you left both pans stacked together (they are 2 for $1) it would probably be sturdier.
what a great idea ! pack it in your car trunk, you have a creative mind. Thank you !
i made this works great
In Italy the sell something very similar for 5 euros. In addition to this the charcoal is inside a paper bag that was wet with wax and gasoline (i think..). You just fire up tha bag and the charcoal ignite :)<br />
Very nice.<br />
Brilliant!!<br />
thanks! dont forget to rate!
Cool!<br />

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