2" Coaxial Prototype





Introduction: 2" Coaxial Prototype

About: AKA Roborovski, and Cowscankill for several years. I'm a mechanical engineering undergrad.

A better one will be posted later. This is a demo video of my current air gun.
This is a coaxial piston gun.  The blowgun trigger is my pilot valve.  The piston is 2" with a built in check valve.  The barrel is 1/2" smooth bore.



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    Yeah, and maybe size. The way it works though, the trigger is technically inside the tank. The barrel shouldn't effect it.

    Yes actually, the real gun I plan to assemble will be a full coaxial sniper rifle, preferable steel, with a reservoir tank, bipod, mountable scope, and wood stock as well.
    I plan to make it the best possible. No point in making 5 prototypes haha...