Introduction: 2" Coaxial Prototype

A better one will be posted later. This is a demo video of my current air gun.
This is a coaxial piston gun.  The blowgun trigger is my pilot valve.  The piston is 2" with a built in check valve.  The barrel is 1/2" smooth bore.


NlDestroyt (author)2013-06-05

Could you make an Instructable for this one? It looks awesome!

Kaiven (author)NlDestroyt2013-06-09

I have better designs now, but I haven't messed with pneumatics in a while.

Kaiven (author)2011-08-08

Yeah, and maybe size. The way it works though, the trigger is technically inside the tank. The barrel shouldn't effect it.

Kaptain Kool (author)2011-05-31

Awesome! You should make an instructable!

Kaiven (author)Kaptain Kool2011-05-31

Depends, I might for a smaller or simpler gun.

Kaptain Kool (author)Kaiven2011-06-01


firefighter1333 (author)2011-05-30

the only thing missing is a fittingly AWESUM paintjob :)

chinnerz (author)2011-05-30

Nice work bro! Thats looken' pree' sweet :)

Needs some paint but :P

Kaiven (author)chinnerz2011-05-30

I know, I'll get to that eventually haha

knuckel (author)2011-05-29

nice job cow, btw did you check out mine?

M.C. Langer (author)2011-05-29

WOW!!!! AWESOME!!!! You did it again!!!!! :-)

Kaiven (author)M.C. Langer2011-05-29

Thanks! I hope to make a better one when I get money ;D

JamesRPatrick (author)2011-05-29

Very good start! Any chance of an air reservoir for multiple shots?

Kaiven (author)JamesRPatrick2011-05-29

Yes actually, the real gun I plan to assemble will be a full coaxial sniper rifle, preferable steel, with a reservoir tank, bipod, mountable scope, and wood stock as well.
I plan to make it the best possible. No point in making 5 prototypes haha...

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