2 Colors Nail Art





Introduction: 2 Colors Nail Art

Hi this is my first nail art video and it is too simple so please see

Step 1: What Do We Need

We need a tooth pick If you have one and still what's in the pic

Step 2: Coloring

So first take a shade of pink like I had in the image name is not written but the shade of pink and the purple then first paint the whole nail pink or half maybe pink will look neat

Step 3: Coloring Purple

Take the purple nail polish and put it on the pink after drying as I did it half and half let the pink dry

Step 4: Countinute

Do it on both hands exactly same and then let it dry

Step 5: Glitter

So take the glitter and then put it on the cotton bud and dab it on only pink put it darkly and the your done

Step 6: Thank You

thank you please share your nail art idea's that you to please comment it and like



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