2 Cool Tricks to Help K'nex Builders




Introduction: 2 Cool Tricks to Help K'nex Builders

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This might help you make something cool.

Step 1: Materials

You probably can use hand pencil sharpener but I think the ones they use in school are better.

Step 2: What Will This Do

This will only work for orange connectors and grey one slot connectors.

Step 3: Easy to Do

Just sharpen K'nex rod like pencil and push through connector.

Step 4: Last Trick

Use in K'nex gun to easily pierce cardboard. Don't shoot at someone because this might hurt them because it is sharp.



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    Don't listen to them. If treated in a safe matter then I don't see the problem in making "dangerous" knex guns. I mean I made a gun that shoots arrows.

    Thanks for building my Remington 700!

    3 replies

    Thanks you're gun is so cool you should make a pistol next

    Thanks man! Ive already started my next and final gun for instructables. After im done with it im moving to youtube full time. If you liked the 700 then I think you will really like my current project.

    Sharpening knex rods is not really welcomed by some of the members here, as it can lead to potentional woundings on a person.
    For example, what if someone mixes up his 'sharpend' mag with a normal mag, and accidently takes it to a knex war? that could be a pretty dangeroua situation, it's never smart to sharpen something that wasn't made or meant to be sharp.

    I don't think that something that is dangerous towards people, and wears out your pieces, is "cool". But that might just be me.

    A weapon? What next a zip gun? I think this is wholely inappropriate and dangerous.