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Introduction: 2 Digit Seven Segment Display

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Most of the newbies are confused about using two or more seven segment displays, here is an instructable showing the implementation of the same with a microcontroller.

This is possible by virtue of high switching speed of LED and high of the microcontroller.

Step 1: Components Required

1. Seven segment display.

2. 220 Ohm resistors.

3. Jumper wire.

4. Breadboard.

5. Arduino UNO.

Step 2: Pin Configuration

Please note down that I have never used the pin notation as per Arduino, rather the port wise pins have been mentioned wiz; PORTC, PORTD, etc.

The pin configuration of Arduino UNO, seven segment display(both Common Anode & Common Cathode) is as shown.

Step 3: Circuit:

Make connection as shown in the schematic diagram.

Step 4: Source Code

The source code can be obtained from my GitHub profile. Click here



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    OK, n00b alert... I was interested in constructing a small compact elctronic scoring device. Let's say I have 2IN X 2IN X 2IN space, to accommodate a pair of 2-digit displays, the arduino UNO, toggle/up-down numeric control, battery power etc. Is this even remotely possible?

    1 reply

    Assuming the dimensions of space to be 2X2X2 inches. Since the UNO board is bigger in size, you should make your custom PCB to meet your requirements. Else, using other boards like Nano and Micro should do the job.

    And to control the score remotely, we should even provide some means of connectivity, be it a Bluetooth or WiFi. My suggestion is to use ESP12 based microcontroller it has WiFi connectivity.

    They are the common cathode type, we can apply the same technique to the common anode as well, but there will be a small revision in logic. I'll try making it and update the instructable.

    Yea, but can you make the seven segment displays do that exact same thing without the Arduino Micro-controller? We used to do that with building our own oscillator and circuitry. Makes you learn more about how things really work. Nice project either way. I am glad to see younger folks getting into electronics even if it is always a Arduino controller circuit.

    1 reply

    Thank you, we are here to learn unknown concepts of course. I'll be glad to learn your concept too. Could you please share it with us??