Introduction: 2 Digit Seven Segment Display

Most of the newbies are confused about using two or more seven segment displays, here is an instructable showing the implementation of the same with a microcontroller.

This is possible by virtue of high switching speed of LED and high of the microcontroller.

Step 1: Components Required

Picture of Components Required

1. Seven segment display.

2. 220 Ohm resistors.

3. Jumper wire.

4. Breadboard.

5. Arduino UNO.

Step 2: Pin Configuration

Picture of Pin Configuration

Please note down that I have never used the pin notation as per Arduino, rather the port wise pins have been mentioned wiz; PORTC, PORTD, etc.

The pin configuration of Arduino UNO, seven segment display(both Common Anode & Common Cathode) is as shown.

Step 3: Circuit:

Picture of Circuit:

Make connection as shown in the schematic diagram.

Step 4: Source Code

The source code can be obtained from my GitHub profile. Click here


zouhaira (author)2017-11-10

are those displays common anode ?

gm280 (author)2017-10-10

Yea, but can you make the seven segment displays do that exact same thing without the Arduino Micro-controller? We used to do that with building our own oscillator and circuitry. Makes you learn more about how things really work. Nice project either way. I am glad to see younger folks getting into electronics even if it is always a Arduino controller circuit.

sriksh9 (author)gm2802017-10-10

Thank you, we are here to learn unknown concepts of course. I'll be glad to learn your concept too. Could you please share it with us??

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