2 Dollar IPod (any Backlit Device) Projector


Introduction: 2 Dollar IPod (any Backlit Device) Projector

In this video, I show you how to use page magnifiers to project the image coming from your backlit device, such as an iPod, onto a wall.

The maximum image you can project that is still usable is about 20 - 24 inches across. This was tested with an iPod Touch on maximum brightness. If you have another device that is brighter you will be able to make a larger picture.

As many people know, page magnifiers are fresnel lenses. Use google to find out a little more information about them.

Unforunately, I could only find page magnifiers with about an eight inch of plastic attached to them. I assume the manufacturer did this to frevent folding. Try to find page magnifiers that are almost as thin as paper. This thick plastic really made the picture of the output dim and blurry. It will work MUCH better with thinner page magnifiers.

In theory, this should work with a laptop, but when I tried it, it worked just enough to read large text. It would probably be ideal to watch movies. You won't be doing any surfing anytime soon.

One other thing I should mention is that there is no mirrror in my design. Since there is no mirror, all text that is projected will be backwards. If you bounce the iPod image off of a mirror before going into the first fresnel lens, the image will be the right way around.

Thanks for watching!



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    I am doing this on my laptop screen :)
    p.s. could i use one of those demo lenses you se at eye glass stors for the ipod
    I think they will provide better picture quality

    looks like im heading to the dollar store soon...

    yeah, the clip when homer's life is summarized in like 1 minute with a picture of everyday of his life or something like that...

    yeah lol i just saw that one patty and selma  push homer off a bridge

    it was like a parody of the video where Noah takes a picture of himself everyday for 6 years, title exactly

    whats the advantage of using two lenses instead of one?

    what if you just use one fresnel lens?

    everyone should watch this video. IT IS AWSOME!!!!

    this was an awsome video. make some more like it.

    I have two different page magnifyers, but it doesn't work too well. do they have to be the same kind?

    this would be cool to do with a multi touch display!

    well, it works, but, still pretty weak, solution taking apart the ipod, putting a one-point- source- light where the Backlight is... and you have more light, meaning also, more focus, Now, the problem resides, on the Resolution, pretty lame, for a big screen!

    2 replies

    320 X 240 is not bad for 2 bucks... I would love to take an old portable DVD player and do this light focus thing. Or even a full 15 inch monitor (lumen lab anyone?)

    yes, i made my projector sharing ideas with lumenlab, mine was a 17", beautiful image, crispy and Huge, it was like 4 years ago, and still the bulb is bright... but, dont get me wrong, ideas like this ipod projector, are fantastic, the thing is ive tried many options, even the Old fresnel tv trick, switching cables to correct the image, before it was popular and i mean, way before, like 1980s... when i was a kid!

    Dude Nice!! I had an Idea for something just like this with my ipod a while back but never got around to building one. Good to know it will work though. Nice video.

    Wow! This is really cool!!!!!! Great Instructable!!

    1 reply

    Glad to hear you liked it! Here is a link to my metacafe channel. It has all of the videos I have made on it, you might like them... My Metacafe Channel