2 Dollars Laptop Stand





Introduction: 2 Dollars Laptop Stand

Even though there are a lot of great instructables about building laptop stands, they didn't fit quite well with the kind of stand that I wanted. I wanted it to be really lightweight, easy to build and repair, and wanted to see if it was possible to build one for almost no money at all.. so after some thought and a trip to a dollar store here it is the $2 laptop stand..

Step 1: Materials

- You'll need two twisted gauge display easel from a dollar store ($1 each)
- Rubber bands ($0 for me as I had them lying around from some toy packaging)
- Small piece of foam or any other non slippery material, In my case I had two strips of this foam lying around also from some electronic toy packaging. You can buy 4 sheets of thin foam for doing crafts from a dollar store if you don't have anything lying around that would work (and the left overs can be really useful for a lot of other projects).

Step 2: Unfold the Easel Stands

Unfold the two stands as in the pictures.. actually you could call this thing done at this stage and it would have the advantage of allowing you to place the stands apart if you have a big laptop for better stability. The next steps are just making the thing a little nicer so the laptop can be put at any height over the base without slipping.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

Put the two unfolded stands next to each other, then use the elastic bands to attach the anti slip foam to the top and bottom of the stand, not only this will make it hold the laptop better in place it also adds a little more robustness to the structure.

At this point you'll notice that it is possible to fold the stand by the middle as the foam is not really strong, which actually is really practical to allow carry it around by thrown it in the bag with the mouse and power supply and you'll barely notice it takes any space. To add a little bit more rigidity if you want, and make the stand not slip over a smooth surface I added another big rubber band (the green one in the pictures) tying the bottom of the back of the structure.

And that's pretty much it.. a nice ultra-cheap and quick to do laptop stand. It is quite solid, gives a comfortable slope for writing and enough space under the laptop to help it cool down a little bit better, and if it breaks or gets lost it cost next to nothing to build a new one.



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    All I use is one of those triangular rulers to prop the backside of the laptop up about an inch or so and that keep things plenty cool.

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    hey, i also have one of those but never thought of using it like that. thanks.

    No problem, way back in the dark mists of time, in high school, we used them as multi-shot rubber band guns too.

    or do the reberse and fire the ruler at your teacher

    for a quicker and easier solution, pick up a cooling rack for cookies etc. in backing section. Using mine now that I had for more than 10 years.

    What an excellent idea! I went to the dollar store today and even found the exact wire plate holders that you showed in the picture! I did mine a little differently though: I found 2 side by side wasn't wide enough, so I used 3, and bound them together with.. bare with me, i don't know the actual name of them: those plastic ties that are almost like hospital bracelets, you push one end through the other and pull tight? lol sorry.... Anyway, I also bought some non-slip padding, (the kind you might put on in a cupboard shelve or something) and lined the middle two rods with it so the laptop wouldn't slide down. Works really well! thanks so much for the idea!

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    This is great!!!!

    awesome post around here the only place that sells laptop stands is office depot and theyre costly,thankfully for dollar tree :D

    That three sided ruler is great. Just glue a used PC fan to it, and port it to a USB port, and it will be even better. Get the 6 foot usb cord at a 99 cent store. I use three layers of corrugated cardboard and a fan. White glue.

    What is the artisits name that did the drawing on the poster in the background? I used to have this huge book when I was younger from that guy and that picture was in it. Isn't that one called the Death Knight or the Barbarian? I think the Death Knight was on a black horse.

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    That one in the poster is called "Death's End" and the artist name is Ken Kelly..

    The book i had must have just been fantasy art by multiple artist cause ken kelly didnt do "Death Dealer", but some of his work i did recognize. Anyway thanks for the info it helped me find what i was looking for.

    look up Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer.

    Simon Bisley does a bunch of art like that.

    nice simple, great use off the product picked.

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    very redneck, but useful

    Make absolutely sure that you locate the cooling vents on your particular laptop and take care to not obstruct them with the foam. On various models, they may be almost anywhere;sides, bottom or back...usually some combination. Otherwise, nice, simple instructable.

    In case your interested, or if someone already didn't mention it, "The Death Dealer" was done by one of the greatest fantasy artists ever "Frank Frazetta". Look him up in yahoo or google his art is awesome.