2 Fast Ways to Cut, Deseed, & Devein a Bell Pepper




Introduction: 2 Fast Ways to Cut, Deseed, & Devein a Bell Pepper

There's cutting bell peppers the way we do at home, then there's the way chefs do it that saves time, while easily removing the seeds and veins.  Here are two ways to cut bell peppers up quickly - just in time for dinner fajitas.

Step 1: Start With a Sharp Knife

Step 2: Quarter Cut

Quarter each side of a bell pepper, and then cut out the veins and seeds.  Finally, simply slice each quarter piece into julienne strips using a rocking, forward motion with the knife.

Step 3: Round Cut

Cut off the top and bottom of the bell pepper (keep these parts though; they’re still good for stews and soups in future recipes).  Make a slit on one side of the pepper, peel back slightly, and then run the knife around the inside of the entire bell pepper: between the flesh you want to keep and the seeds and veins you don’t want to keep (essentially, you’ll be rolling the pepper out like a wheel).  Again, you’ll be julienning the pepper into strips using a forward motion with the knife.



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