$2 GoPro Pole Mount


Introduction: $2 GoPro Pole Mount

If you need to buy PVC pipe cement the cost may be a few dollars more. I had some on hand already. Either way the project wont be more than $10 at most.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

  1. A pre-cut 2 ft. piece of half inch PVC pipe (or any length you wish)
  2. A half inch end cap
  3. A 1/4 inch bolt (fits the gopro tripod mount)
  4. A washer and nut to fit the bolt
  5. A drill and 1/4 inch drill bit.
  6. Clear PVC cement
  7. Spray Paint (optional)

Step 2: Carefully Drill a Hole in the Center of the End Cap

Step 3: Insert the Bolt Through the Bottom of the End Cap and Then Put on the Washer Nut

Step 4: Use the PVC Cement to Glue the End Cap on to the Pole and You Are Done

Step 5: If You Wish You Can Paint It a Different Color



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    I put this on my go kart and it took down pretty sweet video, thanks for the help.

    I attached this to my Go Kart and it took some really sweet videos thanks for the help

    Looks great. Do I need to buy the tripod mount for it to work? I only have the handlebar mount

    2 replies

    I'm not sure about the handle bar mount. I'm sure if you makes some modifications you will be able to make it work. The tripod mount is pretty cheap though, you could find one for about $5 or less.

    Great, thank you!

    Thank you! Glad you like it

    thank you. It works great