2 good pranks for home! This is my first Instructable so try to lighten up on me a tad bit please.

Step 1: Prank 1: a Leaky Sink

I call this prank a leaky sink for no reason at all. Anyway, heres what to do.
1.Get some scotch tape (Look at the photos)
2.Be sure you're victim's sink has one of those hose things
3.Take some tape off the roll and tie it around the spout's handel. Be sure the tape is tight on there!
4.The finished thing should look like this. *Look at last picture*
5.Watch as the victim ignores the hose and turns on the sink, thus spraying them.
What is the purpose of the picture at the beginning?
cause man Jimmy Page is the greatest man<br />
There is no point in doing an Instructable for something that has been posted in countless other Instructables with the same method. Get your own ideas! .5*
The pranks in this 'ible have been done in another 'ible

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Bio: Hey guys wussup? I worship Jimmy Page. Best guitar player in history. I love old Rock and I like Watermelons
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