This is way better than nutella! Is more healthy and the cows will be thankful!
Nuts contain so much oil that you don't need to add any extra fat or milk, so you can keep this chocolate cream out of the fridge.
You can do it with almost any kind of nuts (the more fat kinds), using black, white or milk chocolate. Sometimes I do it half white and half black! Is too delicious and look really nice too.
You can variate the part of nuts and chocolate at your desire: more nuts make a softer creme, more chocolate made it harder. In the winter I use more nuts couse is cold and the cream stay harder. Or I slightly worm it up.
This is a recipe that my mom created.


_200g ROASTED HAZEL NUTS (I roasted them in the microwave, is fast and cheap);
_150g DARK BLACK CHOCOLATE (I used the 70% cocoa one).



_GRIND THE ROASTED HAZEL NUTS until they become a perfectly smooth cream (only work if they are roasted).
_PLACE IN A JAR. I don't use a scale, I just filled up the jar until is a tiny bit more than half way full.


_ADD THE CHOCOLATE in the jar in little pieces (if you don't use a scale just filled up the jar), and push chocolate under the nuts cream. (This way you wont have to wash an extra jar for melted the chocolate)
_MICROWAVE* everything 30 second and stir. Microwave again 30 second and stir until everything is completely mixed and melted. (Two time is usually  enough but if you made a lot of cream do it until all chocolate is melted). Be careful to don' t burn it.

 *if you don't have a microwave you can bain-marie it.
Excellent, but I would prefer a Bain Marie to a microwave. Thanks...
How do you roast the nuts in the microwave? This looks like something I could eat every day!
you place them in a large dish, and you microwave them for 30 seconds at maximum power, then turn them, again for 30 second and then turn them, until you see that they are roasted (don't put them for too long in one time because they may burn). <br>after I put them in a towel, wrap them and rub them with it. then I open the towel and I remove the skin blowing air on the nuts. <br>
I made this tonight! Very tasty
thanks! I m happy somebody did it!
would peanut butter work instead of the ground nuts?
yes. and its better if you use peanuts and you grind them yourself couse peanuts butter sometimes contain bad hidrogenated oil and I m shure they dont use the better peanuts...
Dont know whats so different about regular nutella. <br />the title should be homemade nutella. <br />btw I agree with redheadeb chocolate does have milk. <br />
nutella is full of powdered milk and vegetable oil added , and less nuts. <br />dark chocolate does not have milk in it, just read the ingredients. <br />
wow thats really simple, i like it ;D <br />could you also just melt the chocolate and add it to the creamed hazel nuts? <br />i'm in the dessert competition too, but this deserve a vote :D well done
thanks! yes you can melt it and add it to the azel nut, is the same things. I do this way couse the chocolate is difficult to wash away from a cup, and I hate wash dishes !
oh of course! yes i agree..its like glue!
Sounds very good, but let me be the judge, lol!
yes! let me know!
But doesn't chocolate has milk in, so it's not vegan?
The higher the percentage of cocoa, the less likely there will be milk. Always read the label anyway, just to be safe.
Most dark chocolate doesn't have milk in it. Just check the label to be sure.
depends on the chocolate, dark does rarely, but its the exception rather than the norm.

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