2 Ingredients Simple Slime-Nail Polish+Oil=Slime





Introduction: 2 Ingredients Simple Slime-Nail Polish+Oil=Slime

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Hello today I'm going to teach you easy 2 step slime without glue,borax, contact lens solution, etc. Just 2 easy ingredients and Ta Da Slime, do not keep this slime by little kids and do not eat this slime since it is nail polish.

Step 1: Materials and Ingredients

There are only 2 main ingredients for making this nail polish slime

Nail Polish

Olive Oil or any other cooking oil

Something to mix in

Something to stir with

Step 2: Oil

Pour your Oil in the bowl you are stirring in, the ration of oil to nail polish the nail polish should we be less than the oil.

Step 3: Nail Polish

Add in your nail polish, add as much as you want for as much slime you want but remember, more oil than nail polish, always. After that stir for about 5 minutes and then the nail polish will clump together and make slime.

Step 4: Results

My results when I made this slime for the first time, it worked out perfectly, I only made a small quantity because sometimes it doesn't work in bigger quantities, but then I figured out it does. The slime is very stretchy and fun to play with but DO NOT EAT.



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    11 Discussions

    I like it very much and I hope you have fun making it

    what slime does it turn out to. sticky, soft


    5 months ago

    Thank u so much I have been looking for a no glue recipe and all of them I try don’t work except this one

    what oil do u use


    10 months ago

    this did not work. Does canola oil work well with this?

    1 reply

    I used olive and vegetable oil, idk if canola works

    This is more like putty, but who cares what the name is as long it's awesome I like it!

    I store it in a air tight container and if it does dry out put it in oil and then put lotion on it