100 yen shops are a type of discount store that sell a wide range of products .
This corresponds roughly to one US dollar.
I look for the material of the work here .
I hacked 2 LED multi light that was found in the 100 yen shop .

Step 1: Materials/components.

  • 2 LED Multi light x 1
  • Color changing RGB LED (2 pin, 5 mm) x 2

Step 2: Disassembly.

It decomposes as shown in the photograph .

Step 3: ​Mounting the LED

Mounting the LED as shown in the photo .

Step 4: LED Light to Make the Sheet to Diffuse .

I will measure the diameter of the case in order to create a sheet .
Diameter of 42.32mm.
Cut out a circle with a diameter of 42mm from the paper .

Step 5: The Secret of the Diffusion of Light.

This work is very important .
Place the tissue paper in order to further diffuse the light .

Step 6: Assembly.

Put a AAA battery prior to the lid .
When you are finished , put the switch .
enjoy! :-)

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