I thought it would be fun to have a journal that could be transformed on a whim. What better than a LEGO journal! This coptic book with a chain stitch can be completely personalized to your taste using whatever LEGO you'd like.

Both books are bound in the same way, but the covers are different. Most of the instructable shows the construction of the cover with the inlayed LEGO because it is more complex.

Important note before getting started:
Bookbinding is a very precise art form. As you work though each step, take your time and check each action for the smallest of errors. Even small mistakes can be very obvious in the finished product. This being said, if your first attempt doesn't come out perfect, just keep practicing. Step 1 and 2 are interchangeable depending on your priorities. If you want a specific size of book, start with step 1. If you want a specific configuration of LEGO, start with step 2 and then cut your book board (step 1) to fit. Let's get started!

Materials needed for both book styles:

mechanical pencil with the smallest lead you can find (This makes for more accurate marks.)

box cutter

paper for pages

rubber bands (2)

rulers (1 small for small measurements and 1 large for a straight edge)

cutting mat

bone folder

small curved needle

waxed thread


drill with bit slightly larger than your needle

Materials needed only for cover with inlayed LEGO:

E6000 or similar glue good for plastic

book cloth with paper backing

PVA glue (if you want it to be archival. Elmers will work otherwise.)

flat paintbrush about an inch wide

LEGO plates (any color or size though larger ones will save time and effort)

book board (Book board is archival but if that doesn't concern you, the board on the back of a pad of sketch paper will also work.)

sand paper (medium grit)

masking tape

paper for inside cover (I recommend a high quality paper.)

awl or stylus

Materials needed only for book with base plate cover:

Step 1: Base Plate Cover

I was unable to find small base plates and had to cut down a large one.

Decide on the size you want and lay your ruler where you want it cut.

Use your box cutter to cut along the ruler. Don't cut it all the way through in one pass. Press gently and repeat until it snaps.

Cut off the new corners like the original four corners on the base plate.

Yes on this one I did I'm also making one with lose leaf paper
<p>Great way to get the concept quickly! FYI, if you reply to a specific comment instead of the instructable, it will be in order and easier for others to understand.</p>
<p>I made it mines just smaller</p>
<p>I love it! Did you just glue the base plate to a premade book? </p>
<p>So cool! I always loved those 2 by 1 flat bricks so much, specially when they were the see through ones :)</p>
<p>wow neat!!!</p>
<p>super cool i love it</p>
Wow they look great!
<p>These look awesome! </p>
<p>Very creative!</p>
<p>These journals look great! Thanks for sharing the contraption you used to punch holes for the signatures. :)</p>

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