$2 Lathe Parting Tool





Introduction: $2 Lathe Parting Tool

I've been making a lot of wood rings on the lathe lately and needed a smaller parting tool; the one I was using was too big and bulky for these little rings. There are several DIY parting tool videos online with a total cost of around $5 to $10. While poking around in the shop I found some old shelf brackets that seemed up to the task.

A quick grind down of the end of the bracket, a pine wood handle, and two bolts are all that is required to make this tool. I used a bracket that came with a brushed finish, but even the painted ones would work fine.

The video shows the build, but it's super simple and the whole project took about 15 minutes.

Thanks for taking a look.



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    Good one, sometimes shopmade tools beat all that's out there.

    A tip: chuck a rod in the tailstock, position it inside the ring stock when parting, it'll collect as many as you care to cutoff without sending them flying about.

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    Thanks for taking a look and commenting. Yep - a tailstock rod would help; I usually just reach around and catch them but with these little rings they do often take flight.