Introduction: Recycled 2 Liter Green House

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Make an awesome little green house out of a 2 liter bottle or water bottle!

Step 1: Items

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You really don't need much, just:

2 liter bottle, or water bottle
seeds, (obviously you cant plant an orange tree in this, so something small.)
knife, or scissors.
potting soil
cotton cloth, or even cotton string.

Step 2: The One Stepper.

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well not really, but every thing else isn't worthy of its very own step so need to cut it, about 1/3rd of the way down, insert cotton cloth through the cap, hole, thing leaving some still inside the funnel part. then insert upside down in the other remaining half. add potting soil and seed and ur done. Now you just have to wait. they really work! look at the next, step, with is a picture of it.

Step 3: My Creation!

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ta dah! these actually work. pretty kewl huh?


lunarman52 (author)2010-02-18

i just made one and used landscaping soil, are you sure this is gonna work

Jent13 (author)2009-10-17

I was just wondering what type of plant did you put in there? it is really pretty.

Soodime (author)Jent132009-10-19

i have no clue.. srry. =/

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