Marshmallow Scary Cupcake in Two Minutes.




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Introduction: Marshmallow Scary Cupcake in Two Minutes.

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Ready in 2 min these mini cupcakes are easy to make and kids love them. if you want more fun, have them make it with you. Use different color icing or cake sugar motifs...No hassle, colorful and appetizing 2 min marshmallow cupcake is ready.

Step 1: Ingredients

1. Large White Marshmallow

2. Mini Baking cup.

3. Halloween cake sprinkle box

4. Skull gummy from the hallowing cake decoration.

5. Cake icing red or blue color..pick any color.

6. Sugar pearls for decoration

7. Halloween themed cake pick.

Step 2:

1. Place marshmallow in the baking cup.

2. Apply cake icing on top.

3. Put the skull gummy bear on top of the icing.

4. For the rest add sugar sprinkles and halloween themed cake pick.

4. put all of then in a platter and top off the plate with sugar pearls in halloween color.



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    Scary !!

    Nice,i have been looking for the Skull gummy ..where did you get them from ?

    1 reply

    Thanks Carmelito. I got them from Walmart in the Halloween section.

    Clever idea to use marshmallows, that makes it so quick!

    1 reply

    Thank you Peppypickle. you always leave a clever remark. Very observant!!!

    Yes they are but my kids love them and loved making them.