2 Minutes Choco Fruit Jam Cake(No Oven)





Introduction: 2 Minutes Choco Fruit Jam Cake(No Oven)

Why we need to wait for an hour for a yummy cake?

Lets have a Yummy cake in 2 minutes

Step 1: Ingredients

Step 2: Start With Your All Purpose Flour

Step 3: Mix Egg and Sugar With Flour

Step 4: Mix Well Gently

Step 5: Deep Fry for 1 Minute

Take it from oil with right brown colour as shown in picture.

Step 6: Cutoff Hard Edges From Cakes

After removing hard edges,cut cakes into small squares

Step 7: Take 2 Piece of Chocolates

Melt it by adding some water

Step 8: Final Layering:

Take a bowl and coat some butter in all sides

Then place some fried cubes of cakes

After that add some jam over it as a second layer

Then add some more cubes of cake as a third layer until it cover all jam layer

Final step is yummy yummy chocolate syrup pour over it all.....

Place the bowl in a fridge for 15 minutes and Enjoy your Treat.....



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