Tired of expensive yet crappy spiral notebooks that fall apart? Always losing them because they look like everyone else's? Now you can design your own and show off how organized you are!

Step 1: Materials

1. A stack of 50-100 pages of paper (graph, white, whatever you want)
Cost: Free.  Just snatch some from the printing facilities on your campus

2. Printing
Cost: Also free since most campuses have free printing facilities

3. A copying center much like Kinko’s
Cost: A few calories, depending on how far away it is.

4. Binding at your local copy center
Cost: $2 on my campus. Might be slightly more/less for yours
Even cheaper if you bind your own notebook with your own hot glue gun and a piece of duct tape to cover the spline. Duct tape comes in animal prints and day-glo colors now.
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