2 PIECE KNEX GUN!!!!!!!!!!




Introduction: 2 PIECE KNEX GUN!!!!!!!!!!

This gun came up by betting my brother that i could make a gun with less pieces than him. He won the bet, and this is how he made the gun. It only has 2 pieces but it can shoot really far (i haven't measured yet). The second picture is my brother but the image notes wont work.

Step 1: The Things You Need

You will need:
1x Snowflake connector
1x Yellow or Red rod
1x Big thick rubber band

If you use yellow rods it wont shoot as far but is easier to shoot. Red rods are basically the opposite.

Step 2: Putting the Bits Together

Put the rubber band over the snowflake connector and your done! =D

Step 3: Loading and Firing

Put the yellow or red rod through the hole in the snowflake connector and push it back. hold onto it from behind where the rubber band is, aim at something and let go. its that simple!



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    This is more of a bow then a gun. A gun has a trigger, this doesn't.

    You will need:

    1x No Life
    1x 30 Seconds
    1x Humor

    ...Just kidding I know it's a joke.

    I've seen this before, on youtube except it was made with a big red knex gear.It kinda sucks,but I was using a thin rubber band,not a thick one. :p

    i can build one piece knex gun,but these things,i swear,they can't even be called guns.

    Connecting a knex part and a rubberband together to make a projectile slinger does not make for a very good instructable.

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    2 pieces of K'nex connected to eachother seem to be all the rage now on 'Ibles. Like the K'nex drumsticks, or the "powerful weapons" which was literally, throwing a rod at the person. Yes. Throwing, like a baseball. I don't know why people care for posting 2 piece 'Ibles.

    No, all the 2 piece knex ibles you mentioned come from the same guy. This guy must be related.

    Holy awesomesauce, this is the best k'nex invention in all of eternity.