2 Piece LED on Off Flashlight





Introduction: 2 Piece LED on Off Flashlight

This is a small, cheap easy to build LED flashlight. Most simple one on instructables. Cost is about a dollar.

Step 1: Materials

Here they are:
Coin Cell
Soldering Iron

Step 2: Construction

First, take the sandpaper and scratch the negative side of the batery until it is very rough. The solder will stick better like that. Then warm up your soldering iron and solder the negative LED lead to the negative side of the coin cell. The negative lead is the short one. Then, bend the positive lead up 45 degrees so when you press it, it turns on.

Step 3: Use It

These are good for well about everything. Put them in glove boxes, first aid kits, camping or whatever.



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    could this work in a mask with a reflector? maybe a red LED?

    hey ima use tis in my psp instead of going through and taking out the screen and stuff i was wondering will they work on a smaller battery if it was the same volts please respond

    two magnets soldered on to the lead could do the job. and when you want it disconected slip in a piece of paper. i think

    1 reply

    This also wouldn't work. You can't solder to magnets because they will lose their magnetic power.

    Ridiculous on so many levels

    i used to solder on batteries, dont ever do it. realllll bad idea.

    wow................................................................................................................you were dumb enouf to actually solder a battery? wow.......................................................they explode you know if they get to hot or the battery acid leaks out and carbon dioxide comes out how do i know this? **cough** lets just say i have some um...experience with this stuff

    You SURE about EVERYTHING??? REALLY???

    Maby you could just hold the wires on the battery with a large aligator clip if you don't want to solder it?

    3 replies

    Soldering could cause the cell to explode. Using one alligator clip to hold the 2 wires on would cause a short. The simplest way would be tape.

    um actually it doesn't, as long as you don't leave heat on it for a minute or two it works fine

    sure, souns god

    what do you mean?

    Aka : a throwie look-alike without magnet ;)

    1 reply

    not really, well i knew soeone would do this, but these ar much brighter nd have on/off ability

    Use low temp solder, and only JUST enough to make it stick, and it'll be fine. If you get the battery too how, like using a 45W iron for 2-3 min, it'll boil, the pop. if you're really worried about ssafety, and/or don't/can't solder..... Get some arctic Silver CONDUCTIVE epoxy, and use that instead. Just about any conductive epoy will work, or heck, if you're careful, a dab of hot glue (thin near the edges, and thik in the middle for better hold) will suffice

    Can anyone tell me how to print the instructions without losing the areas that have been outlined with the yellow box. Every time I try to print out instructions with the box, I end up with a white box, or dead space. Any help would be most appreciated! Thx

    Im not sure but i think soldering onto a button cell can be dangerous, just wanted to let you know. I have know idea wether this is true or not, just a throught

    Thats really easy. I am terrible at soldering, but it sounds like a neat idea. i could probobly make some sort of case for it too. good instructable. +